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Go East, young bureaucrat . . .

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This link is for an article from The Economist.  It basically discusses how Singapore’s government operates, why it is efficient, and whether or not the West or China could use the same ideas.  Maybe you find it boring, maybe you find it interesting.

It was part of an overall special report on how government spending is out of control in Europe and the US.  In my opinion, the small size of Singapore and the fact that it is an island ( natural barriers to illegal entry ), is what really makes the difference.  That said, as I mentioned in a post a long time ago, sometimes it seems like a genius designed this place, other times like Homer Simpson is in charge.

Also, for reference, here is the Economist article on the Chinese government.


Please accept my apologies if it lacks any entertainment value.

Spring Break 2011 . . .

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For spring break this year, we took the little Stockdales to Phuket, Thailand.  It is nice, but sounds more exotic than it really is.  The best comparison would be Panama City, Florida.  While the beer is cheaper than Singapore, it’s not as cheap as the USA.

When you go to Florida, you stop at ‘Crazy Dave’s Alligator Farm’.  In Thailand, you stop at the ‘Siam Elephant Safari’.  They are the same.  However, if Thailand also had alligators I’m sure they would let you ride them as well, it just might cost extra.

When we were planning the trip, the little Stockdales had two non-negotiable requests.  A beach and the ability to ride an elephant.  ( See above pictures for confirmation of our compliance. )  However, after witnessing other little tourist girls walking around, that list added a requirement.  The little Stockdales wanted their hair beaded.

Hair not being my specialty, I figured it would take about 45 minutes. Mrs. Stockdale increased the estimate to 2 hours. Since there were only two ‘bead women’, the little Stockdales were beaded in shifts and it took over 3.5 hours.

Luckily there was a Reggae Bar in front of the bead place.

Nothing says cultural Asian experience like listening to Bob Marley and UB40 over and over and over and over and over and over and over again in a Jamaican themed bar with an American, Australian, and British flag hanging overhead while having your kid’s hair braided.

Since we were there over three hours, I had to get the bartender off his bench a few times.

Overall, I think the Stockdales had a fairly good time.  I just hope there isn’t a place to bead hair if/when we ever go to the Great Wall.  If there’s not, I’m certain there will be a tailor and a guy selling meat on a stick from a cart with chickens running around it.  I’m doubting there will be a reggae bar, but it wouldn’t surprise me.

Enough . . .

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Mrs. Stockdale buys a new swimsuit, get a free tote bag.

I get a new swimsuit, guess what, free tote bag.

Big Bad Wolf . . .

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For every 3 to 7 good aspects of living in Singapore, there is something like this you get to deal with.  Life on the other side of the world isn’t all hot pretzels, overpriced beer, and swimming on Christmas Day.  Sometimes the harsh realities set in. 

( click image to embiggen )

Regardless, you still get to zip your kids up in a giant plastic bag.

Those darn kids . . .

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Not sure how life is back in the States, but we have quite a problem with those darn kids and their bicycles.  And their rollerblades.  And their skateboards.  And their Segways???

5 years old ! ! !

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Happy 5th birthday to the Crazy Little Stockdale!