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Another . . .

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Middle little Stockdale takes a school trip to a local community center.   Hey kids, grab a dead polar bear on the way out.


Seriously, who in the world started this stupid trend and when will it stop?   If only someone had a third rate blog they didn’t update enough . . .

More . . .

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Crazy little Stockdale goes to a birthday party at some art place.


The logical outcome.   The crazy little Stockdale and all her friends each kill a polar bear.

Oops, again . . .

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The middle little Stockdale turned 11 a week or two ago.


And, Mrs. Stockdale turned 29 for the 14th time a while back as well.


I probably also added a few more tote bags in the past couple months.   Remember, a polar bear dies every time you get a tote bag.   That’s right – EVERY SINGLE TIME!   That’s what Al Gore told me.   But, every time Al Gore flies in a private jet, another unicorn gets it’s wings.