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FC Kim . . .

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Someone at the FC Kim Hee Tae Academy might want to get the bus repainted if they ever decide to drive it in an English speaking country.

Or maybe all these metric conversions are getting to me and I’ll find pointless humor in anything.

Stage 3 – Stage 4 . . .

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The next two stages were really just more of the same.  Stage 3 was about 35km ( metric for less than a marathon ) and Stage 4 was about 26 miles ( metric for a marathon ).  Even though it wasn’t the longest stage of the trip, Stage 4 was arguably the most difficult.

Stage 4 started with a trip up to Shipton’s Arch.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shipton%27s_Arch  

After the Arch, the rest of the day was just up a big hill and down a big hill.   Up a big hill and down a big hill.

Up a big hill and down a big hill.

Up a big hill and down a big hill.

Up a big hill and down a big hill.

Up a big deal and through a goat farm.

Up a big hill and past a camel.

Down a big hill and through a village.

Through a village and into an active construction site.

Although I wasn’t wearing a helmet, somehow I survived.

School . . .

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Here is the 2012 official little Stockdale first day of school picture:

It can be contrasted with the 2011 version:

The 2010 version:

The 2009 version:

The 2008 version:

The 2007 version:

Or the 2006 version:

Stage 2 . . .

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Sorry for the delay in finishing this series.   I was preoccupied spending the summer in the United States of America with the little Stockdales.

Stage 2 was referred to as ‘Mars in the Gobi’ and was about a marathon or so in length.  The pictures will test most of the story.

This wasn’t the most difficult stage, but it also wasn’t easy.  It was just walking for hours on end with 20+ pounds  (metric for 10 kilograms) of random stuff on your back through the heat of the desert.




Summer of Stockdale . . .

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The little Stockdales and I got back to Korea a couple of days ago and it feels good to be ‘home’.  However, we left the best Stockdale summer EVER behind us.


Can’t wait for Summer of 2013!