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Consider myself warned . . .

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Eventually, some reporter in the United States will read this article and fan the flames.   Just like last time.

On the lake . . .

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The Stockdales returned to Lake Lotastockdale for Christmas 2013.   ( Granted that was two months ago, but if I was interested in really keeping folks up-to-date I would use the Facetube. )

Given the artic penetration of the global warming this season, instead of playing in Lake Lotastockdale,


we played on Lake Lotastockdale.


The little Stockdales stood with friends.


Some new ice-skates brought by Stockdale Claus were put through the testing phase.


Had the obligatory picture taken with Dale Stockdale.


Had the obligatory matching Christmas pajama picture taken with Mrs. Stockdale.


Received a traditional Stockdale present from Nana Stockdale.


And then, after Mrs. Stockdale returned to Korea, safety was disregarded and the real fun began.


Overall an excellent holiday on Lake Lotastockdale.   Counting the days till we return in June.

Olympic Viewing Options ? ? ?

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In the USA there are a variety of viewing options for the Winter Olympics.   However, can you watch them on your GPS as you drive?