Dale Stockdale is married to Mrs. Stockdale.  They have three daughters, the big little Stockdale, the middle little Stockdale, and the crazy little Stockdale.  Dale has been at home taking care of the little Stockdales for the past seventeen years.  Mrs. Stockdale works for a company.

Mrs. Stockdale’s company moved her to Prague, Czech Republic after moving her to Singapore after moving her to Seoul, Korea after moving her to Singapore.  This blog is a record of the family’s time as expats, their experiences, the people they miss back in the States, and anything else Dale can think of using it for.

As Dale’s initial posts states, this website originated from his dislike of Facebook.  Dale considers his life fairly mundane and boring (except for maybe this moving overseas thing).  Instead of just updating his Facebook status (whatever that means), Dale chose to start this blog.  If he writes about things that are entertaining or informational, folks will come back for more.  If it is worthless, folks can spend their valuable time elsewhere.   The last thing Dale wants to do is cram your inbox with pointless information about the Stockdales.

Feel free to contact Dale if you have any requests or missions for the Stockdales to complete and report on – dalestockdale at hotmail.com

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