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Safety First ! ! !

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1.  Insert child into giant plastic bag.

2.  Zip bag, making an airtight seal.

3.  Remove air, I mean INFLATE.

4.  Commence fun!

All this amusement is from the Singapore American School County Fair.  What are the odds of the Stockdales attending two schools in a row, both with County Fairs?  I guess this means when/if/when Mrs. Stockdale moves us again, we are doomed/destined to attend another school that also has a County Fair.  Or, perhaps someday return to Kansas City and just bring the big inflatable death balls with us.

Not much . . .

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Just twiddling thumbs today.

Enough . . .

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Guess what you find hunting through the top shelf of a closet as a memento of running a half marathon with a Mrs. Stockdale?

$10 says that Al Gore owns a tote bag factory.  He also probably makes those ugly lightbulbs that don’t last anywhere close to how long they claim and don’t make a lick of a difference in my electric bill.   Long live the soft white 75w bulb and the plastic grocery bag.

Snowmageddon – 2011 . . .

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Congratulations Kansas City on (thus far) surviving the wrath of Snowmageddon 2011. 

Do the Stockdales miss the snow?  Yes.  

I always loved snow while it was falling out of the sky and I was snuggly tucked into my nice warm house.  However, after it was done falling, school was cancelled, the happy calls of the little Stockdales begging to go play in the snow transformed into the whiny shreaks of being cold after an hour messing up the pristine flatness of the yard, it needed to be shoveled out of the driveway, and it eventually deteriorated into this grey/black wet slush that messed up the inside of the van, the inside of the garage, the laundry room, and turned the yard into a muddy mess that Big Government Stockdale would tear to pieces.  That was when I wished that someday I could live in a tropical paradise and have a maid and no yard and no snow and no cars and live in a shoebox.  Sometimes dreams do come true.

The following pictures were all taken on the same day.  See if you can guess which pictures were taken in Kansas City and which were taken in Singapore.

Have fun, stay warm, and keep digging!