When is the next time I’ll . . .

In Uncategorized on April 28, 2010 at 11:58 pm

Today, I got gas for what is probably the final time (for a while).  That got me thinking, when is the next time I’ll:

  • Go to Costco?
  • Drive the little Stockdales to school?
  • Get in a shouting match with another parent at school?
  • Yell at the guy in the Acura MDX who looks in my trash for junk he can sell?
  • Take two little Stockdales to four soccer games in a weekend?
  • Drive a car?
  • Buy a case of beer for less than $50?
  • See snow?
  • Watch the seasons change?
  • Start some random home improvement project that goes way over budget?
  • Cut grass?
  • Play golf?
  • Vacuum?
  • Dust?
  • Cook?
  • Do laundry?
  • Fold clothes?

Some of these things, I’ll miss, some I won’t.   Who knows.

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