Apartment hunting . . .

In Uncategorized on May 10, 2010 at 2:13 am

We found the apartment we hope to rent yesterday.  Need to go back today and make sure it is what we want then hopefully things get worked out.   The system over here is pretty convoluted.

 The kids are mad because they hate the place we want to rent.  We made the mistake of taking them with us to look.   The first place we saw was a 3300 sq ft townhouse.  It was VERY cool, but it was just a little off the beaten path.  Great place to live like an American where we pretty much hang out at the house and then drive the minivan wherever we need to go.  But, not a good spot if you have to take cabs or the subway (MRT).   The place Mrs. Stockdale and I liked is in a high-rise building.  Totally different than anything we’ve lived in before.  The kids just don’t understand at all.   The big little Stockdale went to bed in tears last night that she didn’t want to live in the house with ‘all the glass’.

The little Stockdales are at each other’s throats constantly.  We are in this tiny little apartment thing and they just feed off tormenting each other.  There is always one being good and the other two just trying to kill each other.  ( She breathed on me!!! )  I have a terrible feeling it will be like this till August when they go to school.   Cooking is a nightmare.   I’m just in a mode right now of getting through it till we have our own place.  Don’t want to sound negative at all.  It’s been fun and interesting so far.  Our only issue is that the current living situation SUCKS.

That said, I’m very optimistic.  It’s just a matter of getting through these first few weeks, getting a routine, meeting people, etc.  I also think that once the kids get their stuff, they will be much better.

  1. Hi Dale….this is very cool..Thanks for keeping us updated. I love it!!!!!

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