Singapore at night . . .

In Uncategorized on May 15, 2010 at 10:51 pm

Last night we took the little Stockdales to this outdoor fire art thing.  It looked pretty cool on the internet, real life – EHH!  The good part was that we got to see the Singapore skyline at night which was pretty cool.

  1. Let us know what the view is like from the new marina casino that has the park on top. Its in one of your shots…Bill

  2. I hope you rode the giant surfboard perched on top of the skyline. Hang ten!!!

  3. Looks like you’re adapting. Give the girls a hug.

  4. So awesome! I have friends who used to live there! Now they live in Portugal…Your family is beautiful

  5. It reeminds me of when the amazing race was there – did you watch? Tell Michelle “HAPPY BIRTHDAY”. Our love to all!

  6. So awesome! It reminds me of the amzing race & those 2 cry baby boys going up high…
    Tell Michelle “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” (4hrs early) Our love to ALL!

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