The helper has arrived . . .

In Uncategorized on June 8, 2010 at 4:34 am

After a couple hiccups getting her out of the Philipines, the Assistant Stockdale is finally here.  

The initial impression?  

How ever amazing you think it would be to have someone do virtually all your daily household chores, you couldn’t even come close to how amazing it really is!   This morning our bed was made 5 minutes after I woke up.  You ask for a cup of coffee and guess what magically appears?  What little food that is in our pantry, is organized and straight.  If she runs of out stuff to do, she dusts or plays with the kids.  She is still getting up to speed on cooking, but even if her food is terrible, it’s still better than letting Mrs. Stockdale cook.

There are downsides.  We lose some privacy.  Also, it skews the expectations of the little Stockdales for when we eventually head back to the States.  Plus, it’s just plain odd to have someone living in a closet in our kitchen.  But, all kidding aside, she is really nice, works super hard,  and we are happy to have her in our home.

  1. How about a pic of the new helper…

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