Yellow Ribbon Prison Run ? ? ?

In Uncategorized on July 9, 2010 at 3:48 am

This morning I went for a quick jog and came across a poster for the ‘Yellow Ribbon Prison Run’.  I got home, checked out the website, and it was so bizarre, I just went ahead and signed Mrs. Stockdale and I up for the race.


Here’s the decription:

The Yellow Ribbon Prison Run is back with a new twist!  Show your support for ex-offenders who sincerely want to change by purchasing your Yellow Ribbon Shoelace at $2.00 when you register and help us set a record for the “Largest number of runners wearing yellow shoelaces!”. All proceeds will be donated to the Yellow Ribbon Fund.

Featuring a unique run route, the signature event of the Yellow Ribbon Project, the Yellow Ribbon Prison Run 2010 sets a pace unlike any other run in Singapore. It will take runners past several historical sites in the Changi area including Johore Battery, Changi Chapel Museum and Old Changi Prison Wall. As runners approach the finish line, they will enter the conserved old Changi Prison Gatehouse which brings them inside the new Changi Prison Complex.

Themed “Beyond The Run”, the Yellow Ribbon Prison Run is all about giving ex-offenders a second chance to start afresh. By your participation, you are lending your voice collectively to a message of hope for all ex-offenders “to pick themselves up and to get back on track”.

So, in order to help ex-prisoners, we’re going to finish the race INSIDE the new prison.   If they had a sense of humor, which they don’t, the shirt would be the prison uniform.  But, this is the best race shirt ever:

Think of the Children

FYI – I did add the two bucks for the yellow ribbon.  Mrs. Stockdale and I are on a world record streak that can’t be broken.


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