Chinese oil spill . . .

In Uncategorized on July 23, 2010 at 1:13 am

While you guys complain about BP, the Chinese just have folks clean up their spill bare-handed.


Come on America!

  1. One day Aaron you might join the real world and understand that the Gulf of Mexico is suffering a catastrophic event that it will take many many years to correct..Millions of people will be forced out of their way of life and you make a damn joke of it.. I guess if you slip and bust your ass in the kitchen that will be a big deal for you..

  2. Lighten up, Bill. You hit a nerve with me.

    I think Mr. Stockdale’s point makes sense. The Chinese government can get things done faster – they have 4 times the manpower and it costs them nothing in labor. The governemnt didn’t wait to take action. Pretty simple solution for the Chinese. You help with the clean up, or Chairman Mao will help you disappear. (you can laugh at this).

    I am not saying this isn’t catastrophinc, but come on. You got to laugh a bit. We have the smartest and brightest people in the world here in the US. We will overcome and be a better country as a result of this.

    Did BP screw the pooch? Yep. Has the Nobama administration or the government really helped in solving the problem? Nope. Rather than taking decisive action early, Nobama waited WEEKS until he consulted with his “advisors” on who’s ass to kick. I (and the rest of the world) are still waiting on that ass kicking. It will never happen. Recently he went drinking with the British PM. He and all of the the other junkies in DC need the money to run in 2012. The press crucified W for the handling of Katrina. And rightfully so. It should have been handled better. But this is 10 times worse and heads still aren’t rolling. Hmmmmmmmmm. Gotta wonder.

    I don’t see Al Gore down there helping. I don’t see Brad and Angelina helping. I don’t see people waiting on government handouts. Nope. Those on the gulf coast are takin matters into their own hands. They are pulling up their sleeves and making it happen. JUST LIKE THOSE IN CHINA. Kudos to those on the gulf coast.

    Millions are not forced out of their way of life. Life has changed for a while. Happens all of the time to different people and industries. Textiles anyone?

    Here’s a suggestion. Turn off the CNN (Constantly Negative News). Park your big SUV in the garage. Hop on your bike. Throw on your hemp friedly clothing and help with the clean up. Otherwise, lighten up.

  3. Carts – my point exactly. America is too busy pointing fingers and laying blame to role up their sleeves and do something. The America I know (and miss living 10,000 miles away) is the America that gets stuff done! As if Obama yelling at BP loud enough or extracting enough cash is going to fix anything?!?

    The clean up should have started from day one, using locals who know the tides, know the beaches, and know what is going to happen. We’ve become a country dependent on Washington and their herd mentality. Washington never fixed anything in our country, they consistently make things worse.

    Bill, was I making a joke about the Gulf – NO! I was drawing a comparison between how Asia handles things and how we do things in the US. Take it however you want.

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