New Moon . . .

In Uncategorized on September 2, 2010 at 6:09 am

No, not that ‘New Moon’, the other ‘New Moon’.

New Moon Essence of Chicken is full of wholesome and nourishing goodness. It will assist to increase your metabolic rate and thus help to relieve fatigue and restore your mental and physical energy .This natural health supplements have been proven to provide added proteins to your body, to last you through the day. New Moon Essence of Chicken is a better alternative to other supplements and thus we are confident to say “New Generation, New Choice!”

This is actually a fairly premium product.  So much so, that you can’t just pick it up in the aisle of the grocery store.   They keep it behind the check-out with the hard alcohol and cigarettes.

So, when I think of the phrase ‘essence of chicken’, it sounds to me like there is NO chicken in this.  If something is the ‘essence of’ something, then it is ‘like’ something or ‘immitates’ something.  If it had chicken in it, it wouldn’t be called ‘essence of chicken’ it would be called ‘chicken.’  And, if this stuff is better than chicken, why don’t we eat whatever that is, instead of chicken?  But, if chicken is good and it is good to immitate chicken, then couldn’t I just skip this stuff and just eat the real thing?

Also, who is this girl?  She got a perfect score on her SAT test, so they let her be the spokesperson?  How does she buy this stuff if it is next to the cigarettes and booze?

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