Driving a bullet . . .

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A couple of weekends ago, Mrs. Stockdale and I went to the one of the practice sessions for the Singapore Grand Prix (that is metric for Formula 1 car racing).   It was one of the loudest and coolest and awesomest things I’ve ever seen, until I saw something even louder and even cooler and even more awesomest that same day.

First the F1 thing (click on link at top for this post to embiggen):

Our F1 tickets gave us access to the entertainment venue where you could purchase small cups for beer for only $10 and some stuff that resembled food for $15.  Mrs. Stockdale had heard that ‘Daltrey’ was playing on the F1 stage and I was mildly interested.  Even though he had been in ‘The Who’, I figured Roger was a washed up rock star with too much plastic surgery playing the county fair circuit to make ends meet till his drug habit finally sent him to an early grave. 

I cannot begin to communicate the level of excitement that overwhelmed the core of my being when Mrs. Stockdale informed me that it wasn’t Roger Daltrey from ‘The Who’ it was Daughtry from (as she called it) ‘that show that makes people famous.’

The musical power of this man cannot be expressed by a mere mortal in words alone.  Only truly experiencing his rhythmic beauty in person can one truly understand Daughtry’s art.  I even hesitate to refer to his enchanting melodies as only music.  It is truly so much more than can be described.  It must be experienced.

Please listen for yourself.  If you are at work,  you should make sure your boss is at lunch (so you can sing along), unless you are fortunate enough to work for a Daughtry fan (we are everywhere, so you might).

You can see the power he has over me!  I should have saw it coming a long, long time ago.

Before we knew it, Daughtry was finished.  The brief time I spent in his presence will truly transform my life in Singapore and beyond.  I am a different person because of him.  If only he’d be my friend, then I would gladly join Facebook.

  1. Oh come on! You’re just in love with the guy because he is the ticket to your stardom in Vegas.

  2. I can’t get behind Daughtry. I’m still saving all my love for Clay Aiken.

  3. Really? I had no idea!


  5. Miss Ann and I saw Daughtry in concert here at the Sprint Center this summer! I agree- he was amazing. I wasn’t a huge fan of American Idol and didn’t really follow him at all. But she had tickets and great seats- who is going to turn down a free concert?! Love him!

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