An important Stockdale conversation. . .

In Uncategorized on November 11, 2010 at 9:34 am

DSD:     Hey Mrs. Stockdale, pick me up some beer on your way home from the office!

MSD:    How much you want?

DSD:     Get one of them new ‘Tiger Value Packs’.

MSD:    There’s only 30 beers in that, what are you going to drink tomorrow?

DSD:     I love  you!

MSD:    Do you have a couple extra $50s?

DSD:    Oh yeah, the ‘value pack’ costs $59.95.  I guess the water diet will be fine again tonight.  Mmm, water.  So refreshing and tasty.  Like a mountain stream or a freezing cold train driving out of a tunnel and into a party. 

MSD:    Maybe for Christmas.  Maybe!

  1. Definitely need fewer updates on the kids and more about how expensive beer is. :):)
    Glad to hear you’re still keeping your sense of humor!
    Great news– we are finally going to use one of the doors you gave us! 25 months later, our basement is about to be finished! Whohoo!

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