A sternly worded letter . . .

In Uncategorized on December 6, 2010 at 1:10 am

Last Friday, the middle little Stockdale lost a tooth.  This was a fairly significant milestone for the Stockdales because this was the first top tooth to fall out for any of them.

I had gone out for some frosty malt beverages with a buddy that evening, so Mrs. Stockdale was left to prepare the Stockdale residence for the arrival of the Tooth Fairy.  It seems the preparation may have gone awry, because the Tooth Fairy, unfamiliar with the local coinage, left the middle little Stockdale a fifty-cent piece, not the normal dollar paid for a lost tooth.

To say the middle little Stockdale was disappointed, disheartened, and had experienced permanent psychological damage would be an understatement.  So how did she respond?  Did she cry?  Did she plot her revenge using tactical nuclear weapons or homemade explosives?  NO!  She went Grandpa Simpson and wrote the Tooth Fairy a sternly worded letter with Mrs. Stockdale’s assistance.

This morning, when the middle little Stockdale awoke from her slumber, the customer service department at the Tooth Fairy had made things right and put an additional fifty cents under her pillow. 

Sternly worded letters, is there nothing they can’t do?

  1. Love it! The Tooth Fairy has not picked up Lauren’s tooth twice; fortunately there were good excuses for both– one night was due to bad weather (Tooth Fairy isn’t big enough to fly thru thunderstorms) and one night was due to the fact that the pillow fell behind Lauren’s bed and the Tooth Fairy couldn’t find it. Lauren is pretty laid back about it, but the Tooth Fairy better get organized before Alex starts losing teeth- he will be far less patient.

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