Symbols ? ? ?

In Uncategorized on May 6, 2011 at 9:38 am

Guess what these symbols represent:

Pap logo.svg 

Workers' Party of Singapore logo.pngSda logo.png

SDP logo large.png

A.  Singaporean superhero costume
B.   Russia’s new toy hammer brand of communism
C.   A merger between Heineken and Audi
D.   Acura’s new logo that they stole from Star Trek
E.   Singaporean Political Parties

If you guessed E, please step into the booth and vote twice.


Election day is Saturday and posters with these symbols are EVERYWHERE.  ( I recommend only voting for the lightning bolt folks. )  In Singapore  you must be 21 to vote and you are LEGALLY REQUIRED to do so.  Also, for all your voting inconvenience, the folks currently in power ( the lightning bolts )  have declared Monday a national holiday.  No need to go into work.   Please enjoy yourself and think of us early and often as you pull the lever.

In all seriousness, Singapore’s elections aren’t rigged, however they are skewed to benefit the incumbent and those currently in power.   If I saw any oppression or dissidents being rounded up in the streets, I’d have some problems with it.  Some of the locals may differ, but Singapore is a unique country and their system works.

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