Stockdales have Seoul . . .

In Uncategorized on August 12, 2011 at 11:14 pm

With the tote bag supply in Singapore depleted, it seems like a good time for Mrs. Stockdale to once again uproot the little Stockdales and I from our happy easy convenient fun life in the warm equatorial sunshine, just like she ripped away our happy easy convenient fun life on the golf course, and just like she stole our happy easy convenient fun life on the cul-de-sac .  The next happy easy convenient fun life that will be torn from our hearts is Seoul, Korea.  (I think it’s left of Japan.)

We got the official word last Tuesday and we’ll be out of Singapore by the end of August.

Thankfully she has a good track record of us moving from one happy easy convenient fun life to another.  Perhaps, this will be the same.  Or, it could be a complete and total disaster and scar the little Stockdales for life.  One or the other.

Please allow me to introduce Kim Jong-Il my new wacky neighbor to the north:

I’m sure the Kims (or is it the Ils? or is it the Jongs?)  and the Stockdales will get along swimmingly.  Regardless, I envision plenty of cookouts with the Dear Leader in the DMZ, bike riding with the little ones, and popping over to borrow some sugar or highly enriched uranium.  I can already smell the brats and the love.

  1. I have only one question – is beer cheaper in Korea? If so, you’re all set.

    • Of course! Why else would I willing to leave this tropical paradise for a city that get 20 more inches of rain and 100 less hours of sun per year than Seattle?

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