Costcorea ! ! !

In Uncategorized on September 11, 2011 at 6:14 am

Korea has a Kostco.  In fact, there are eight Costcos in Corea.

The craziest part about Kostco in Corea is that it is almost identical to the Costco back in the US.  The main difference is that our Corean Kostco only has about half ( that’s metric for 50% ) the items the US Costco has.  So, if you just randomly go through an American Kostco and say YES and NO to items, that is what ends up here.  Don’t give ANY thought to what goes to Korea, just randomly pick.

Because of this, there really isn’t much entertaining to tell about the Korean Costco, except that there wasn’t this much WD40 in the entire country of Singapore combined,

the American Kostcos don’t sell salted dried fish,

and Christmas is right around the corner.


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