Tom’s Cat Cafe ? ? ?

In Uncategorized on September 18, 2011 at 9:38 am

Sometimes the things the Stockdales see and do fit into a nice, neat, describable box.   And then, there is the ‘Cat Cafe’.

We met a Korean-American family that lives in our building.  They have a daughter the middle little Stockdale’s age and another daughter slightly younger than the crazy little Stockdale.  They’re super nice and have really gone out of their way to help us get acquainted with Seoul.  In order to really bring us up to speed on the Korea thing, they asked us to go to the ‘Cat Cafe’ with them.

Because I really can’t describe this place, let me just show you pictures and you can fill in all the blanks.  All I’ll say is that it costs 8,000 KRW ( that is metric for $8 USD ) to get in and you get a drink as part of your admission.

( click to embiggen )


Also, yes this place is for real – http://www.tomscat.com/ .

And, the other dad that was with us wore an extra shirt that he took off because he was hot and a cat peed on it.

And, there is a dog cafe, but we were warned it was ‘dark’ and ‘not as clean’ as the ‘Cat Cafe’.

And, yes they do eat dogs in Korea, but it is OK, because they are raised on farms like cattle.

  1. By the time I was done reading, I noticed my jaw was nearly on the desk. That’s the weirdest place I have ever seen…

  2. Do they serve food at Toms Cat Cafe or just drinks?

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