Phuket . . .

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No, it’s not pronounced like that!

For the second year in a row, the Stockdales spent their spring break in Thailand.  Thankfully, this time, Mrs. Stockdale was not bitten by the rabid puppy of death.

This vacation was basically the same as others. 

There was circus school once again, although the last time they did this was our lovely trip to Bintan when Mrs. Stockdale refused to abide by the many warning signs and got the black eye. 

The trapeze was as popular as ever.

As was the moon bounce, for some unknown reason.

Plus, I even tried the trapeze myself.

As you can see, I was a good father and actually went DOWN to the circus school to take LOTS of close up pictures of the little Stockdales performing at circus school, as well as the other various pieces of scenery located around the moon bounce.  Strangely, I wasn’t alone and many fathers waited patiently with their children around the moon bounce.  Mrs. Stockdale couldn’t be persuaded to leave the bar, so my bald head is a tad hard to identify in my trapeze photo.  For some reason, she wasn’t interested in the moon bounce or taking pictures around the moon bounce.

I must have been the only one with a goofy website, because no one else took a picture of the guy making balloon animals.

The little stockdales got their hair beaded.

The extra children are friends of the little Stockdales. The girl who towers over all the little Stockdales is in the middle little Stockdale’s class. Her little sister is a year younger than the crazy little Stockdale. Plus they have a fifteen month old daughter.  Having no friend for the big little Stockdale was NEVER EVER an issue and all the kids got along great and NEVER fought or yelled or anything remotely close to that. No yelling or bickering at all. I PROMISE. They were just all little princesses. That said, it’s always fun to vacation with another family. While the little Stockdales can occasionally not drive us nuts, it’s good to spend time with other adults who know how ‘rewarding’ it is to have three daughters.  

We also went out on the same boat as last year. ( Mrs. Stockdale is on look out duty in the right side of the photo. )

Here, Mrs. Stockdale is also actively participating in the vacation.

She did manage to get up long enough to snap a picture of the middle little Stockdale floating away.

Granted, I was in the water prior to when she floated away, but was it really my responsibility to keep an eye on her?

The captain also couldn’t be expected to keep track of where everyone was.

And I’m sure you don’t think Mrs. Stockdale was in the galley ( that’s metric for kitchen ) making lunch as this happened.

Regardless, we did manage to retrieve her and it does appear she emerged from the water unharmed.

As an added bonus on this trip, we even expanded the tote bag collection.

Luckily, all the flights from Phuket to Seoul are red-eyes and leave at 2:45 am.   It gave the middle little Stockdale a chance to catch up on her sleep.

And the crazy little Stockdale a chance to watch some quality television.

Mrs. Stockdale didn’t really need to sleep on the way home, she was well rested.

Overall, another excellent Stockdale outing.  However, we’re all pretty excited about spending the summer back in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.  Let me say those words again – UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.  Well, not all of us.  Mrs. Stockdale will be staying in Seoul to work.  I guess she did deserve a little rest and relaxation.

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