Seoul Land . . .

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Mrs. Stockdale’s company picnic was on Saturday.  In true company picnic style, it was held at ‘Seoul Land’.  I would like to compare ‘Seoul Land’ with ‘Disneyworld’, ‘Disneyland’, ‘Kings Island’, or ‘Worlds of Fun’, but that would be like comparing ‘Burger King’ to ‘Mortons’ because both are establishments that serve food.

When you enter ‘Seoul Land’ you are greeted by a ‘sphere’.  You’d think the folks at ‘Disneyworld’ could be more original and stop copying things from Asia.

‘Seoul Land’ is organized in a manner much like other theme parks.  They had various ‘lands’ named after various ‘things’ based on a set of ‘characters’.

The little Stockdales chose to start in ‘Adventureland’.   We found it with the help of the politically correct statue.

As seems to be the tradition throughout Asia, random car batteries were easy to locate.

Unlike Cambodia, I couldn’t locate any fully automatic weapons left in a canoe, but since South Korea is constantly vigilant of the impending attack from our wacky northern neighbor it’s good to keep the kids prepared with ‘Dragnon Tank’.

But remember, battle readiness isn’t just for kids, it’s fun for the whole family.

Should you choose to ride the log flume,

remember than anyone over 50 is considered ‘ELDERLY’.

While I’m fairly certain ‘log flume’ is a generic term, I’m not sure how ‘Seoul Land’ properly licensed the use of these images.

I’m sure Midway is just as pleased with  the use of Pac-Man on the trash bin as some other company might be about this.

There were many culinary options available should the little Stockdales become brave enough to get hungry.

After lunch, the little Stockdales begged for a souvenir from ‘Seoul Land’ as we continued our journey around the park.  They couldn’t decide between the strangely familiar dotted giant bows for their heads

and the pointy objects.

As part of the ‘World Plaza’ section of ‘Seoul Land’ our less southerly neighbor had erected a booth.  ( It was probably co-sponsored by the UN. )

All kidding aside, ‘Seoul Land’ wasn’t that bad.  They did have some pretty flowers.

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