3rd Grade Concert . . .

In Uncategorized on May 26, 2012 at 1:26 am

The big little Stockdale had her 3rd grade concert this week.  The concert itself was great.  However, the actions of the crowd were much more entertaining.

Why should I bother straining my neck to see my child when I can just watch on the tiny screen obstructing my view?

Because folks spend most of their day staring at their phones anyway, it’s just normal that we watch our children that way. 

This guy had two cameras, one camera on a tripod and also his phone.  My guess is that as soon as he got home he was going to edit them together and watch his son/daughter perform from the comfort of his couch.

In this shot, you can count ELEVEN people using cameras or about to use a camera.

Not to mention this person, who obstructed the view of the people behind them for the ENTIRE SHOW.  Please note, she was in the front row.

Now, I fully understand wanting to capture the moment.  I’m sure the folks behind me weren’t too happy that I was obstructing their views by taking random pictures of the crowd watching their children through their phones.  However, when do we all realize that it’s much more enjoyable to watch our children live for thirty minutes than it is to record them in a blurry video that no one will ever watch again?

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