Swimming with Polar Bears . . .

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As the ever expanding tote bag collection continually threatens to drown the polar bears, it became abundantly necessary to prioritize the Stockdale family vacation schedule around destinations that could be adversely affected by all the global warming ( metric for climate change, or is climate change metric for global warming? ) caused by said tote bag collection.   Since Al Gore seems more concerned about maintaining his access to private jets and lecturing those of us in flyover country about our evil tote bags, the Stockdales decided to visit the Maldives before the impending climatic doom destroys the delicate balance of life on our fragile planet.  That, or everything ends up being fine.   One or the other.

To get to the Maldives from Singapore, first you take a big plane.

Then you take a little plane.

Sometimes your pilot wears flip flops.

Sometime he doesn’t.

Thirty minutes later you see this.  Somewhere on this little island is a little man informing his boss that we about to arrive.  ‘Mr. Roarke – DEE STOCKDALES, DEE STOCKDALES’.

Choosing a place to stay in the Maldives can be a challenge.   You can visit Tripadvisor, but since each Maldivian island only contains a single resort they are all very highly rated.   Nika Island Resort and Spa is the #1 Resort on Kudafolhudoo Island.   This will probably be the first, last, and only time the Stockdales ever stay at someplace rated #1.

There was a lot to do at Nika and not a lot to do at Nika and that was pretty much how the Stockdales wanted it. You could learn to scuba dive.

Or, you could snorkel.


Or, you could kayak.


Or, you could study for your scuba diving test.

Or, you could play Uno.


Or, you could play chess.

Or, you could build a pile of sand.

Or, you could race crabs.

Or, you could scuba dive some more.


Or, you could celebrate Christmas.


Or, you might even get a picture of Dale Stockdale himself.


Or could admire the view from our balcony.


Or, you could look at the cool talking bird who spoke Italian.


Or, you could run down the jetty because the deck was so super hot and burned your toes because of all the melting polar bears.


Or, you could pose around the Charlie Brown Christmas tree.


Or, you could swim with the manta rays.

Or, you could put words in your brain.


Or, you could get dressed for Christmas in the Stockdale family matching pajama tradition.


Or, you could open presents Christmas morning.


Or, use some of the global warming to build a snowman.


Or, you could pretty much just have the best Stockdale vacation ever.


  1. Love the blog! Tell Mrs. Stockdale that I am reading the same book! I just finished Fall of Giants and am hoping this one will be as good. WWII is way more terrifying to me than WWI. Cheers and happy trails, Suzanne

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