Victory ! ! !

In Uncategorized on June 3, 2010 at 11:52 am

WOW, every once in a while Mrs. Stockdale truly earns her keep.   Today she brought home a dishrack.  Now, there are various jokes we could make, so feel free to use the comments to vote for your favorite or make your own.

1.   This is about as close to housework Mrs. Stockdale has been in years.
2.   It’s the best gift Dale has received since Mrs. Stockdale forgot his birthday three years ago.
3.   How did Mrs. Stockdale even know what a dishrack looks like?
4.   If Mrs. Stockdale only occasionally ‘earns her keep’ how do we refer to her paycheck, since Dale hasn’t earned 45 cents on his own in almost seven years.

Not sure I really trust piling plates on Level 2, but it will work.

Also, I met the mailman today.  Not sure what his truck looked like, but he was here at 7:30 pm.   Perhaps they are nocturnal.

  1. The big question here is how much did the Mrs. pay for the bi-level dish rack. AND is it your fathers day present?

  2. A double decker dish rack….I have never seen that before! Must be all about using space wisely. I vote for #3!

  3. Dale, don’t sell yourself short. You won $10 at Perry Park a few years ago didn’t you? The would mean that you have earned a total of $10.45 in 7 years.

  4. that’s a cool dishrack.

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