6 years old ! ! !

In Uncategorized on June 4, 2010 at 11:27 am

Happy birthday to the middle little Stockdale.  6 is a big number when you convert it to the metric system.  I think you multiply by 9/5 and and add 32.  I never could convert these things without a Trapper.

  1. Happy 6th Birthday to the middlest from the littlest and the rest of our clan!

  2. convert 6 years to metric
    6 years
    312.9 weeks
    2190 days
    52560 hours
    3.154×10^6 minutes
    1.892×10^8 seconds

  3. Give that sweet & sassy, precious middle stockdale a gigantic hug from cousins Kim, Brent & the BOYS!

  4. Give her a big hug from the Carters and Reecie!

  5. Happy Birthday middle little Stockdale(now a day late).

    Hugs to you all!

  6. Hugs to the new 6 year old – is that her favorite cookie?

    FROM jOY

  7. Happy Birthday Izzy! Please tell the little “crazy Stockdale” hello and give her a big hug from me. I have enjoyed reading your blog. I’m glad things are going well for all of you.

    Miss Denise:]

  8. Is that all there is??? Happy Birthday Izzy, Love Granny Ila and Ganddaddy.

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