Try the Singapore Diet . . .

In Uncategorized on June 18, 2010 at 12:36 am

Since we arrived in Singapore, Mrs. Stockdale and I have each lost about 10 pounds.  ( It’s a different number if you convert it to kilograms, but I was told this country would have no math. )

Now, this weight loss isn’t due to the fabulous Asian diet of fresh seafood or lots of locally grown fruits and vegetables (nothing is grown on this island).   It also isn’t because we’ve been working out more.  Yes, I’m training for Ironman Arizona, but I gained weight training for my last big race.  ( If you ride a bike for six hours, the proper way to refuel is five beers and a pint of ice cream.  You’ve earned it! )

No, this weight loss is based on the ‘too cheap to eat’ diet.   When beer is $15 a six-pack, screw top wine is $20 a bottle, a bag of pretzels is $9, and chickens have extra parts, you find yourself altering  your nutritional habits.  Instead of snacking, I drink water.  Nothing fills up like a big glass of water when you’re really craving some chocolate chip cookies before bedtime.   What, no potato chips in the pantry?  Oooh look – water!  How about a Coors Light or a Warsteiner?  Nope!  Yum, water, the snack of the Gods.   Tomorrow night for dessert, maybe I’ll let the little Stockdales make ice.

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