Beerfest Asia . . .

In Uncategorized on June 21, 2010 at 1:20 am

Saturday night, Mrs. Stockdale and I went to ‘Beerfest Asia.’  No need to get a babysitter, we already had one.  Not sure what we’re doing, but we have a sitter for next weekend too.  We also have a sitter for right now and twenty minutes from now.  If I haven’t mentioned the sheer awesomeness of the ‘Assistant Stockdale’, let me tell you, she’s awesome!  If people think America is a country full of fat and lazy oafs, I can’t imagine what we’d be like if we all had helpers.  

The 8:00 am cricket game on Sunday was a little fuzzy, but I was on time and that was better than most.

On a side note, my attendance at ‘Beerfest Asia’ lit a fire under me to get ‘Mr. Beer’ going.  More on that later this week.

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