Kilimanjaro – Part 1

In Uncategorized on January 23, 2020 at 12:33 pm

Sometimes when you go on vacation, you go to a beach and drink fruity drinks with tiny umbrellas in them.   And, sometimes you take your family and try to climb Mount Kilimanjaro.  Regardless, the process is more or less the same.

First – pack.

Second – go to airport.

Third – it may be 4:00 am, but have a frosty malt beverage in the lounge.

Fourth – fly to Tanzania.

Fifth – pass the time until you leave for the mountain with some random family that coincidentally is staying at same hotel in Tanzania.

Sixth – watch ‘this guy’ either work from his mobile office or play Words with Friends.

Seventh -get ready to leave for the mountain, but first pack some eggs.

Eighth – put all your stuff on top of a bus.

Ninth – get in bus with ‘this guy’ and his family and drive to Mount Kilimanjaro.

Tenth – wait for Part 2 which could be tomorrow or could be in a few years.

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